Just a little history

We thought we’d start this one off with some fun history we researched about the industry.

  • The first collateral repossessed was in 1867 and was the first car that was sold in the United States. [source CUCollector, 2015]
  • The first known repossessor was Connie Wembish who started the “Home Detective Agency” in Greensboro, NC. [source CURepossession, 2020]
  • The oldest known repossession service company was Greenwood Garage, founded in 1926 and still in business today as Greenwood Recovery located in Baltimore, MD. [source CURepossession,2020]

Here are a few interesting articles about the industry:

The First Repo Man and First Auto Repo in History

[source CUCollector, 2015] 

The History of Auto Repossession in North America – The 1920’s

[source CURepossession, 2020] 


On-Hook Photo

Released earlier this year, the On-Hook photo enables recovery agents to take a photo as soon as they mark a collateral On-Hook. This is an important and simplified way to report if a tow dolly or flatbed was used for the recovery. . 

Here are a few helpful Knowledge Hub articles about this process.

While this photo feature does make the reporting easier, if agents didn’t take advantage of this feature at the time of On-Hook, hope is not lost! Agencies can add a photo and resubmit the condition report. 

LPR Set Up/Dashboard

Pro users: Have you set up LPR Data?

If not, learn more about the first step in getting access to your DRN historical hits.

Once your entity connection has been completed, previously scanned vehicles and purchased LPR hits can be found under the LPR tab in RecoveryConnect.

From this tab you can view the number of LPR hits, filter results by new and/or archived hits and selected date range and make LPR-related updates.

Read more about this feature


MBSi Round Up 2023

This past June we got together as a team in Fort Worth, TX. The intent was to have a final hoorah with our previous President, Cort DeHart, get to know our new President Ray Peloso better, have some team building exercises and conduct strategy meetings as we look to the future.

The time together is so important and the relationships we have built create better collaboration and teamwork as we work to outline and achieve company goals.

Texas ARP Meeting

Big thank you to Texas ARP for meeting with members of our team this past week. We had great discussions and enjoyed the opportunity to introduce them to our President, Ray Peloso. Looking forward to making our rounds to other state organizations in the future.

A look ahead

Trade show season is coming back! The fall show season is coming fast and furious. We have several planned appearances at upcoming shows – we will keep you posted. 😉 Hope to see you soon at an upcoming show!