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Solutions for Auto Finance Companies

At all stages of the recovery cycle, lenders make decisions that balance the goals of reducing risk and maximizing financial gain. MBSi leverages integrations with industry-leading partners, and years of experience to deliver comprehensive solutions that strike that delicate balance.

Working with the largest names in auto finance as well as local credit unions, we understand every institution has unique needs and processes. Therefore, our teams will help you determine the custom solution that will best suit your organization, and our support team will provide individualized customer service to ensure you get the most out of your solutions.

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Field Insight & Mobile Assignment Management

Leverage mobile technology to increase your visibility and track recoveries in real-time to mitigate the risk of repossessing an asset that is no longer eligible for recovery. Recovery Connect provides immediate access to information in-the-field and expands the data available for analysis, enabling greater control of and insight into your recovery operations.


Assignment Management

Manage all repossessions in a single, secure platform that tracks the status of assignments in real-time. Our technology streamlines vendor management so you can focus on higher-level issues. Adding to our technology is our reach: we have more than 2,000 repossessors in our network and have data integration partnerships with most major industry service providers.


Compliance & Training Management

We make it simple for lenders to manage repossession liability and be compliant in four key areas: complaint management, recurring training, contract management, and vendor vetting. With 2,000+ vetted vendors, we have created the industry’s leading compliance network for our lender partners.


License Plate Recognition

MBSi’s LPRkloud enables you to engage multiple LPR service providers in asset recovery efforts through a simple, affordable solution. LPRkloud allows you to take advantage of the power of multiple LPR vendors, while automating LPR assignment placement and management.