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For over 15 years, MBSi has connected the asset recovery industry: lenders, forwarders, and recovery agents through innovative web-based and mobile app software solutions designed for the auto finance industry.

Our latest offering, RecoveryConnect, was built by leveraging the easy-to-use interface and architecture of MRS and VTS, insights from agency owners for an improved mobile app, and real-time case status connections with lenders and national forwarders. Currently, only released to agencies, RecoveryConnect seamlessly integrates recovery case management, data-driven automation, and compliance solutions into a single platform that will bring our customers the most advanced technology to efficiently and securely manage asset recovery cases from open to close.


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Recovery Connect Mobile
LPR Kloud
Recovery Connect Mobile
LPR Kloud

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Customer Success

Putting our customers first is the only way for us to solve problems effectively with software. From tech summits to feedback buttons to nationwide lunch and learns, we are listening to our customers in a variety of ways to bring more efficiencies to the auto finance industry.

Assignment Management

Our real-time integrations with lenders and forwarders immediately transfers assignment data from the office to the driver. Having access to the latest information helps everyone avoid wrongful repossessions.

Business Insights

With over a million data points collected daily, it’s important to build meaningful reports that help you improve. Our online reporting tool, MBSiQ, provides key insights to lenders and forwarders to help you drive decisions and increase efficiency.

Secure & Compliant

At MBSi, data security and compliance is the utmost priority. We securely route assignment information and leverage encryption to keep sensitive information safe. And, our Compliance Management System enables agents, lenders and forwarders alike to meet compliance requirements.

Over 3 million assignments flow through MBSi’s assignment management platform annually. Our real-time status and updates ensure critical customer information is accurate for all parties including lenders, national forwarders, LPR vendors and recovery agencies. An added benefit is our ability to perform real-time, systemic compliance checks to verify individual training certifications are current, background checks are up-to-date and the lot where the asset is stored has been inspected. To date, MBSi offers the only agnostic and comprehensive compliance case management in the market for lenders, recovery agents and national forwarders.

Not only are we committed to being a leader in the industry, but we also hold true to our core values in our actions and decisions. When you choose MBSi, you are choosing a partner to help manage your business.



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Driven to Serve You Better

At MBSi, we are developing software solutions geared toward your success in tomorrow’s technology environment. Our goal is to streamline your workflow and increase profit




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