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RecoveryConnect is the complete solution for case management from the back office to the drivers in the field. This tool simplifies and streamlines the entire asset recovery process. 

Complete Case Management

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The platform that brings it all together

RecoveryConnecta comprehensive asset recovery software platform that fills industry gaps and provides full case management visibility from the back office to the drivers in the field. This system allows for more streamlined asset recovery by providing real-time data in an easy-to-use, single platform. 

RecoveryConnect seamlessly integrates recovery case management, data-driven automation, and compliance solutions into a single platform that will bring our customers the most advanced technology to efficiently and securely manage asset recovery cases from open to close. Additionally, our continued partnership with RISC adds a layer of compliance protection for all areas of the recovery timeline. 

One system login

Real-time case status


Efficient case management

Two Plans to Choose From

RecoveryConnect Basic

RecoveryConnect Pro

    • Unlimited users
    • Add and manage local client cases for free
    • Custom reporting and dashboard
    • Search and view all cases 
    • On-Hook feature 
    • Click-to-call police for recovery reporting 
    • Comprehensive condition report
    • Invoicing
    • Electronic signature

All the Basic features


    • All MBSi cases mapped 
    • Customizable map icons and icon control
    • Post recovery appointment scheduler
    • Custom forms with electronic signature
    • DRN integration for LPR historical hits

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Back Office Efficiencies

One System with One Login

Online Scheduling (Pro)

Unlimited Users

Custom Dashboards & Reporting


Custom Forms


24/7 Support

Real-time Data

All MBSi Cases in One Place

  • Eliminates the need to log into several different systems to complete or monitor assignments
  • All MBSi assignments in one place
  • Customer support at your fingertips 24/7
  • Create and manage coverage areas and driver zones
  • Real-time data enables you to know the immediate status of every case
  • Customizable icons and icon control (Pro)
  • Asset condition photos are converted to a comprehensive condition report
  • Create custom forms and capture electronic signatures
  • Custom reporting and dashboards
  • Online post-recovery appointment scheduling for personal property & redemption (Pro)

MBSi’s RecoveryConnect SaaS platform seamlessly manages the entire asset recovery process from case creation to completion.  

Customize the dashboard and reports based on your business needs, complete condition reports quickly with the enhanced features, and easily manage personal property and redemption. 

Communicate in real-time with drivers in the field, minimize wrongful repossession risk and receive immediate status updates on each pending recovery.

Drivers in the Field

Pair RecoveryConnect with RCM Mobile App

RecoveryConnect is paired with the new RCM mobile app to arm drivers with new cases, new addresses and updated case status in real-time. Having case data at the drivers fingertips helps mitigate risk and reduces potential wrongful repossessions.

For Pro subscribers, the enhanced mapping feature allows drivers to easily scan custom icons to efficiently run addresses and recover more units. 

After marking On-Hook, agents can go through the asset recovery process when it’s safe and convenient. Each asset recovery form captures condition information and photos to easily create a Condition Report that can be reviewed and submitted to the client.

RCM Screenshots

Search Cases



On-Hook Feature

Real-time Data & Reporting

Free Mapping (Pro)



  • Easily search cases 
  • Ability to mark asset On-Hook
  • Ability to filter cases 
  • Real-time updates
  • Robust mapping (Pro)
  • Customizable icons (Pro)
  • Historical LPR hits (Pro)
  • Case assignment based on driver zone coverage
  • Click-to-call police
  • Take collateral photos from the RCM mobile app
  • Electronic condition reporting
  • Efficient lot management
  • Immediate collateral status update to mitigate the risk of wrongful repossessions
  • RISC certified drivers displayed to lenders and forwarders 
  • Contact MBSi support through the app

License Plate Recognition

Our integrations ensure agents receive historical hits and purchased hits.

How it works:

  • Each historical plate scan will display within RecoveryConnect for your agency to validate
  • Any validated plate scan will be added to your case and displayed on your map in RCM
  • Any purchased hits you have access to will be added to your case and will display on your map

Post Recovery Management

Post recovery management is simple and proficient with
RecoveryConnect. After an asset has been recovered, photos are
easily uploaded and attached to the case using RCM mobile app or the web
portal to efficiently fulfill condition report requirements to quickly
move assets.

Agencies can set custom fees, generate invoices, and complete
asset recovery forms and condition reports for quicker staging and
transport preparation. In addition, the custom reporting feature
provides the ability to build reports on demand and view the
requested data based on agencies needs.


Set Fees


Asset Recovery Form


Custom Form Capabilities

Condition Report


Invoice Creation & Management

Post Recovery Appointment Scheduler (Pro)


Easily and conveniently manage appointments for post-recovery
actions including personal property and redemption based on
your office and lot availability.


Customize and set appointment availability for your office.
⇒ Set days & times when services are available
⇒ Create shifts based on office personnel and length of


Appointments can be created based on your processes.
⇒ Enable appointment availability
⇒ Add the schedule link to your website for borrowers
⇒ Add appointments and block off the calendar


Manage the calendar and update appointments.
⇒ Confirmation email is sent to your office
     (and you can view the full appointment calendar online)
⇒ The borrower receives a confirmation email with
     appointment details


If you would like to learn more or would like a demonstration of our platform, click on the button below to hear from a member of our team

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