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Solutions for Forwarding & Skip Tracing Companies

We know our forwarding company clients work under the constant pressure of managing their repossession agents and proactively updating financial institutions. At MBSi Corp., our extensive experience in the repossession industry serving forwarders, agents, and lenders alike means we understand the daily demands you face.

Our team has built a suite of software solutions to make your work easier and reduce inefficiencies while maintaining the highest standards in security and compliance. Behind these robust offerings, our sales teams work with you to design the custom solution with the tools most appropriate for your needs, and our service teams ensure you have the support you need for the life of your MBSi products.

Ready to learn more? Check out our product overviews below.

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Field Insight & Mobile Assignment Management

Leverage mobile technology to synchronize your agents’ activity with information from the lender in real time. Recovery Connect provides repossessors immediate access to assignment information right in the palm of their hand. This allows for more efficient and frequent lender updates.


Assignment Management

Manage your agents on a secure, industry-leading technology platform that tracks the status of assignments in real time. Adding to our technology is our reach: we have more than 2,000 repossessors in our network and have data integration partnerships with most major industry service providers.


Compliance & Training Management

We make it simple to be compliant in four key areas: complaint management, recurring training, contract management, and vendor vetting. With 2,000+ vendors in our compliance network and full integrations with major industry vendors, our solution has you covered.