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We are kicking off a monthly newsletter to share updates on what is happening with RecoveryConnect and share important information with all our customers. Whether you’re a lender, forwarder, or agency, we hope you’ll find this helpful.

To kick this off, we’re excited to announce that we recently onboarded new recovery agencies and new lenders who have chosen RecoveryConnect for their assignment distribution. Please reach out if you are interested in additional details: sales@mbsicorp.com.

Dream team: Compliance & Performance

VendorConnect was launched over the summer and provides immediate access to the compliant status of forwarders and agencies. This includes visibility to key vetting documents such as business licenses, insurance information, onsite inspections, and policy/procedure documents.

The powerhouse combination of MBSi’s software and RISC’s compliance servicing together creates the most comprehensive solution for recovery agencies, national forwarders, and auto finance lenders.

VendorConnect is where RISC will continue to provide compliance monitoring for third-party and fourth-party vendors and includes client propriety documents, insurance ACORDs, licenses, background checks, onsite inspections, and CARS certification.

Lenders interested in a demo and/or a free trial of VendorConnect? Email us here: sales@mbsicorp.com

Agencies interested in signing up for beta when we are ready, email us here: beta@mbsicorp.com


My Reports: Create Custom Reports

Do you want to see a lot report for November? Or cases marked On-Hook so far this year?

Would it be nice to see a daily holds/close report as soon as you login to RecoveryConnect?

You are able to create ad hoc reports in RecoveryConnect at a moments notice. My Reports gives users the ability to pull customized data reports to support data-driven decisions.

  • RecoveryConnect has 200 data fields to choose from to build the report you want, when you want it.
  • Reports can be customized and saved to your dashboard for at-a-glance data insights every time you log in.
  • Build reports as needed, share reports with other users in your office, adjust data points on the fly.
  • Schedule reports to be sent as needed.

Read more about this feature here.



Our Knowledge Hub is packed full of information to help guide you through questions you may have about the functionality in RecoveryConnect or RCM.

Didn’t get a notification that you should have? You can fix that!

Learn how: Setting up/adjusting notifications.

Did you know that you can customize the case detail page? It’s true!

Learn how here or watch the short video below: Customize Case Detail Dashboard


Remember to keep RCM up-to-date to ensure you are getting feature updates and bug fixes. You will receive notifications in the app when it is time to update. You can also check New/Changed Features to see what version you should be on.

Coming Soon:

Chat feature! Soon you will be able to connect with a member of the Support team via chat within RecoveryConnect.

Customer Connections

Hitting the Open Road to Meet with Agencies 

We are setting up meetings both in-person and virtual to build relationships and get feedback from recovery agencies. So far we met with 16 agencies and have others lined up. Last stop: Nashville. Next stop: Phoenix.

If you are in a metropolitan area and want to request an in-person visit, sign up via the link below.
Enjoying life in the country, but still want a visit? Feel free to use the link below to sign up for a virtual visit.

CLICK HERE to request an in-person or virtual visit

Don’t have time for a visit but want to provide feedback? TAKE OUR SURVEY