MBSi Corp.


Assignment Management

Manage all repossessions in a single, secure platform that tracks the status of assignments in real time. Our technology streamlines vendor management so you can focus on higher-level issues. Adding to our technology is our reach: we have more than 2,000 repossessors in our network and have data integration partnerships with most major industry service providers.

Did you know…

You can still use iRepo even if your vendors are on other platforms

iRepo integrates with most major assignment management systems

iRepo is integrated with many leading forwarding companies

iRepo is the only assignment management solution integrated with all major LPR service providers via MBSi’s LPRkloud

Key Features & Functionalities of iRepo

  • Manage end-to-end recovery operations in a single portal, using direct or forwarder models, or both
  • Option to place assignments with automated rules to reduce staff management effort, and ensure placement with most effective vendors
  • Automate rules-based placement and re-placement of unrecovered assignments via tier-transfer module
  • Attach photos to forms to improve documentation, creating a more comprehensive auditing log
  • Enable automated invoice creation and approval system can approve standard invoices that meet lender’s contracted fees and queue exception invoices for lender review
  • Analyze data to identify additional efficiencies in day-to-day operation and assignment methods, or assess pilot programs