Recovery Connect

Case assignment distribution 

Set rules. Define parameters. Systematically distribute cases.

Switch gives lenders the systematic ability to place cases with vendors based on business rules they set up in a tier transfer process. Under this process, first placements can follow the lender’s business rules for vendor placement or the lender can choose to directly place assignments via RecoveryConnect or import function.

How it works

  • Set rules. With a few clicks, you can send 50% of your assignments to a new vendor or make sure all ACV>$10,000 are sent to your highest performing vendor.
  • Determine the schedule. Do you prefer to leave cases open with a vendor for 10 days? What happens if you change this to 11 days? You pick the schedule.
  • Monitor Volume. Monitor vendor volume within each set of schedules and make changes based on performance reporting.

Once in the system, after a designated time or other predetermined rules such as vehicle value, the case can be reassigned to another vendor (placement 2). Accordingly, the case will be moved based on systematic rules down the tier waterfall until all business rules are met. Switch provides an “audit” function so the lender can see at the assignment level what rules were applied and how an assignment ended up with a vendor.

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