Recovery Connect

Automated Case Distribution 

Set rules. Create schedules. Systematically distribute cases.

Switch provides the unique opportunity to be more efficient with case management within the user’s repossession strategy.  Switch delivers the systematic ability to distribute cases via an automated tier transfer process and allows users to update their repossession strategy in real time.  Create business rules, determine schedules for vendor placement and set closure dates. 

How it works

  • Stay in control.
    • Quickly and easily adjust your recovery strategy.
  • Make rule-based decisions & maximize distribution.
    • Control case distribution and timing based on rules and schedules you define
  • Maximize efficiency.
    • Automatic LPR case creation based on the time parameter set on the original case
    • Ability to automatically close cases at the end of the schedule
  • Audit strategy
    • Switch allows you to view case-created logs to determine distribution methods
    • Identify why a case is with a certain vendor, rule, schedule

Once in the system, after a designated time or other predetermined rules such as vehicle value, the case can be reassigned to another vendor (placement 2). Accordingly, the case will be moved based on systematic rules down the tier waterfall until all business rules are met. Switch provides an “audit” function so the lender can see at the assignment level what rules were applied and how an assignment ended up with a vendor.

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