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License Plate Recognition Management 

The fully-automated LPR assignment management solution

Implement an LPR Strategy

Accelerate time to recovery by implementing a License Plate Recognition (LPR) strategy. LPR cameras detect and capture publicly visible license plates throughout the country

MBSi’s LPRkloud™ offers a simple, scalable plate recognition solution. LPRkloud™ allows you to take advantage of the power of automating LPR assignment placement and management.

  • Automate creation and management of repossession assignments saving time and money
  • Hosts LPR cases and data with secure updates
  • Assignment status is updated in real-time (e.g. asset located and recovered with one vendor, closing all related assignments with other vendors)
  • Removes the need to manually manage and monitor your LPR assignments

How it works:

1) Create a schedule using our decision engine, Switch. The schedule will create open cases for all of your LPR vendors based on your requirements. Do you want to implement LPR for assignment orders that are more than 100 days old? We can do that!

2) LPRkloud creates open assignments with your vendors. LPRkloud automatically creates assignments. Each assignment is managed by LPRkloud to ensure the asset is still eligible for recovery.

3) Real-time case statuses. As soon as the assignment is recovered by one service provider, LPRkloud automatically closes that assignment.

If you would like to learn more or would like a demonstration of our platform, click on the button below to hear from a member of our team

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