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RecoveryConnect is a comprehensive asset recovery software platform that provides full case management visibility from the back office to the drivers in the field. 

RecoveryConnect seamlessly integrates recovery case management, data-driven automation, and compliance solutions into a single platform that will bring our customers the most advanced technology to efficiently and securely manage asset recovery cases from open to close. 

We merged our legacy products to bring you the latest technology that modernizes the way asset recovery is managed.  Our continued partnership with RISC adds a layer of compliance protection for all areas of the recovery timeline. 


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Efficient Case Management

Our Strategy

After the acquisition of MRS and VTS in early 2019, MBSi hosted agent events across the United States to gather information and feedback to deliver a comprehensive software platform for the recovery industry.

By leveraging the easy-to-use interface and architecture of MRS, insights from agency owners for an improved mobile app, MBSi’s real-time case status connections with national forwarders and MBSi’s assignment volume, the team developed the new case management tool: RecoveryConnect. RecoveryConnect seamlessly integrates recovery case management, data-driven automation, and compliance solutions into a single platform that will bring our customers the most advanced technology to efficiently and securely manage asset recovery cases from open to close.


Industry Partners

Industry Partners



MBSi’s RecoveryConnect platform offers a complete solution for auto finance companies. RecoveryConnect seamlessly manages the entire loss mitigation process from assignment to repossession to remarketing. Attain full visibility of the case status, LPR data, location of the asset and compliance status of the individuals accessing sensitive customer data. In addition, MBSi’s business insight and strategy tools, allow lenders to make informed decisions through the ability to systematically assign work, analyze data and make assignment workflow changes.



At MBSi Corp., our extensive experience in the repossession industry serving forwarders, agents, and lenders alike means we understand the daily demands you face as forwarders balancing repossession agents and updating financial institutions. Our team has built a software solution to make your work easier and reduce inefficiencies while maintaining the highest standards in security and compliance. Behind this robust platform, our sales and service teams will ensure you have the support you need for the life of your MBSi partnership.

Recovery Agents

Recovery Agents

RecoveryConnect is the complete solution for case management throughout the entire asset recovery process. From back office efficiencies to real-time case information updates, this tool simplifies and streamlines the entire asset recovery process. In addition, the RCM mobile app arms drivers with the technology needed to immediately send and receive case details, allowing for more assignments and avoiding the risk of wrongful repossessions. 


Case Management

RCM Mobile App 

Real-time case updates flow between RecoveryConnect and the RCM Mobile App

For agents in the field, RCM provides a powerful case management tool. Benefits include: mapping, instant On Hook notifications, data management efficiencies, real-time updates, easy completion of condition reports. RCM is currently in use by our existing MRS customers but will be available in the industry soon.

Recovery Connect Mobile


RecoveryConnect ensures repossession cases are handled by trained and compliant vendors throughout the recovery lifecycle. With full cases status visibility, asset location and vendor vetting, rest assured that your business is protected at all times. 

Our VendorConnect platform combined with RISC‘s compliance management and education services provides continuing education, onsite inspections, and vendor vetting solutions to lenders, forwarders and recovery agents. RISC securely manages the entire vendor compliance management process and has been adopted by 79% of the industry according to a recent CU Collector survey.


Implement an LPR Strategy

Accelerate time to recovery by implementing a License Plate Recognition (LPR) strategy. LPR cameras detect and capture publicly visible license plates throughout the country.

The fully-automated LPR assignment management solution

  • Automate creation and management of repossession assignments saving time and money
  • Hosts LPR cases and data with secure updates
  • Assignment status is updated in real-time (e.g. asset located and recovered with one vendor, closing all related assignments with other vendors)
  • Removes the need to manually manage and monitor your LPR assignments

MBSi’s LPRkloud™ offers a simple, scalable plate recognition solution. LPRkloud™ allows you to take advantage of the power of automating LPR assignment placement and management.

For recovery agents, our integrations ensure agents receive historical hits and purchased hits.

How it works:

  • Each historical plate scan will display within RecoveryConnect for your agency to validate
  • Any validated plate scan will be added to your case and displayed on your map in RCM
  • Any purchased hits you have access to will be added to your case and will display on your map

    Business strategy and insight tools

    Our business strategy and insight tools allow you to make informed decisions, audit current processes and make changes on the fly to streamline case management distibution.

    MBSiQ allows you to customize the dashboard data fields and the types of reports you want to review to ensure current case assignments are running efficiently for your business. This tool will present your results in customizable chart types and can be scheduled for automatic monthly reporting.

    Switch provides you the ability to systematically place cases with vendors based on business rules you set in a tier transfer process.

    If you would like to learn more or would like a demonstration of our platform, click on the button below to hear from a member of our team

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