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New and Improved Compliance Management Tool!

Together with our lending clients and compliance partner, RISC, we have created the industry standards for compliance that go beyond an annual check-up. We are excited to announce the rebrand of Vendor Transparency Solutions (VTS) to VendorConnect. Soon, the functionality of Compliance Made Easy will be merged into this new platform.

Recovery Lifecycle: Continual Compliance Checks

VendorConnect allows Lenders, Forwarders and Recovery Agencies to mitigate risk and improve recovery outcomes by implementing industry standard compliance processes. Thanks to our partnership with RISC, you can have peace of mind throughout the recovery lifecycle, knowing there are compliance checks along the way, giving you full transparency from vendor vetting and vendor onsite inspections to agent education and certification.

Put These Benefits To Work For You!


Know which agent is managing the recovery, where the asset is being stored and who is handling the sensitive client information for each case, in real-time.

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Mitigate risk of ineligible recoveries with full compliance transparency through the entire repossession and remarketing lifecycle.

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Recovery Agencies

Mitigate risk for your business and rest assured that you will be receiving accruate and fully vetted information for all cases assigned, in addition to providing you with the certification tools you need to maintain full industry compliance.

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We joined forces with RISC to provide compliance-enabled technology for the auto finance market.

Lenders & Forwarders or Lienholders

Vendor Vetting

Verify, monitor and securely store important business documents and policies for all your asset recovery vendors. Document access and 24/7 compliance monitoring by RISC is available with VendorConnect.

Vendor Onsite Inspections

Through our partnership with RISC, we have the most comprehensive list of recovery lot inspections nationwide with immediate access to more than 3,000 inspections.


Mitigate third-party vendor risk by verifying regulatory compliance training. The CARS program is the industry standard training program that covers all state and federal laws that impact the self-help repossession process.

Recovery Agencies

With the all new VendorConnect platform, you will have access to RISC Pro to manage your compliance profile. RISC Pro is the leading industry membership for collateral recovery agencies to elevate their compliance status with the top lenders and forwarers. For more information, click on the button below.


Your complete company profile will be showcased to lenders and forwarders looking for agents in your area.


Unlimited access to RISC’s national certification programs for one low subscription “pay-per-employee, per-month”.

Onsite Inspections

Feature a marketing version of your onsite inspection report at no extra charge (RISC must have a full report on file to do this).

Compliance Standards

Use the leading platform that more than 40 national creditors and forwarders use for vendor vetting and vendor onsite inspections.