MBSi Corp.

Compliance Made Easy

Changes are Coming Soon!

We will soon be launching our new compliance management system, VendorConnect.

Compliance & Training Management

We make it simple for lenders to manage repossession liability and be compliant in four key areas: complaint management, recurring training, contract management, and vendor vetting. With 2,000+ vetted vendors, we have created the industry’s leading compliance network for our lender partners.

  • Capture and track customer complaints and resolutions in real time in a single portal, whether using a direct model, a forwarding model or both
  • Configure customized settings for task assignment and complaint resolution – lenders may maintain control or push to forwarders and/or vendors
  • Integrate with the iRepo assignment management system to tie complaints directly to relevant assignments
  • Create a timeline of all assignment activities prior to, and after any reported complaints
  • Can be run as a standalone system if needed
  • Manage compliance/training notifications and certifications; track expirations for internal staff and vendors alike
  • Allow for creation of custom tests and automate test administration & notifications
  • CARS Certification and continuing education programs now available via Training Comply’s partnership with RISC
  • Provide historical reporting for compliance purposes
  • Store and track expirations for a customizable set of documents (e.g. insurance files, bonds, licenses, and more)
  • As the system of record for RCS, the industry leader in vendor vetting, Contract Comply offers the largest network of verified vendors and storage lots
  • Set customizable business rules to hold or close and reassign assignments based on critical expiration dates